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Home Solar

True Texas Energy, LLC is the top Texas solar company designed to help you increase your homes efficiency and save you money. What sets us apart is our efforts to put solar education & awareness before sales. Our in-house energy consultants want to work with you to uncover what installing solar energy in Texas will mean for you and for future generations.

Home Roof Replacement
and Upgrades

High energy expenses come from a variety of places in your home: drafty doors, loose windows, improperly insulated basements, and a roof that’s in dire need of replacement. As roofs ages, it breaks down and temperatures and humidity levels from the outdoors begin to seep in and affect your home’s internal environment.

Home Window

Replacing your home’s windows can seem like a daunting proposition, but the benefits you gain can make a big difference. Besides boosting your home’s beauty, replacement windows offer many other benefits, mainly reduced energy costs, but also increased comfort and quiet, more natural light, better safety and easier cleaning.


True Texas Energy, LLC was created with a singular purpose in mind, to empower homeowners to save money and energy through only the highest quality services and products.

Our goal is to update homes with full energy efficiency products such as Solar Energy, Roofing, Attic Radiant Barrier, Wall Insulation, High Energy Efficiency Windows, Water Boiler Wrap, A/C Duct Seal, and more. True Texas Energy continually seeks to research and add to the array of services and products in an effort to give homeowners control over their spending while reducing their carbon-footprint.

Dependability and Customer Satisfaction

Many things set us apart from our competitors. Above all else, it is our efforts to put our customers needs and wants above sales. We strive to provide customers with education and awareness. 

Customer Satisfaction
Is Our Priority

True Texas Energy, LLC revolves around our customers and their experiences. Every single day, we are making significant efforts to provide them with a positive experience. This journey of providing our customers with a positive experience starts from the moment they make contact with us and extends beyond the moment they become our customer.

Honesty & Integrity
In Everything We Do

Our core values are what sets us apart from other companies. We strive to provide customers with an experience they will be proud to share. Honesty and integrity are at the forefront of that experience. At True Texas Energy, LLC, our Energy Consultants are there to provide education and awareness above making the sale.

Quality Products
And Services

Our goal is to update homes with only the best full energy efficiency products. True Texas Energy, LLC continually seeks to research and add to the array of services and products, like solar energy, roofing and more in an effort to give homeowners control over their spending while reducing their carbon-footprint for them and generations to come.

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