Solar Energy

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  1. 174,000 terawatts of energy consistently strike the earth as solar radiation at any moment, even on the cloudiest of days.
  2. 1 hour of sunlight is equal to one year’s worth of energy for the planet.
  3. Solar power plants can last more than 40 years.
  4. Solar energy is the cheapest source of energy in the world as of 2017.
  5. Solar energy is cheaper than fossil fuels as of 2019.
  6. Only 5% of energy in Texas is from solar energy.
  7. Over 2 million solar panel systems have been installed in the U. S. alone.
  8. Homeowners experience “break-even” on their solar panel installation in under a decade.
  9. of solar panels could meet the country’s electric needs. That’s about half of the land leased by oil and gas and about 0.5% of American land.
  10. Most panels have 25-year warranties, but many of the earliest-installed panels are still working 40 years later at 80% efficiency or more.
  11. In. 1977, it cost $77 per watt for a simple solar cell. Currently for an entire assembled module, the cost is closer to $0.39 per watt.
  12. The United States ranks third-largest solar energy market and generator in the world.
  13. Solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to generate electricity.
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